2007 EZGO PDS Sits Low In Rear


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Hello to all. Just brought home a very clean 2007 EZGO PDS Cart. Got lots of plans, but the first thing bugging me is the rear of the cart. It sits very low. I have checked shocks and springs and both seem to be okay.

Short of a lift kit is there anything I can do to raise the back and level the cart out??

any help appreciated in advance.



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I have installed HD springs on previous carts and they rode very stiff. I would leave it low before I would go that route again, thank you anyway.


I agree with DS on new stock rear springs. That should level it out unless the front springs are already HD.


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Thanks DS for the input. I thought about the longer shackles, but wasnt sure if it would have an adverse effect on the rearend.
I found some shocks I had bought a year ago, and put them on and it seemed to raise it about an inch or so. I will try longer shackles and report back.

Thanks again for everyones input.