2007 Club Car Precedent Needs Motor and Controller

I bought a 2007 Club Car Precedent and was told it needed a controller and or motor, also had no charger. I bought new 4 12 volt Trojan batteries a box bypass and new battery charger, also bought a new solenoid and controller, installed all. I didn’t charge the new batteries but checked voltage, was 49 volts when I turned key on I got nothing, I remembered run/tow was on tow, I hit the tow to run and I got a spark and high pitched hum. I turned key off but the humm was still there. I took off the negative wire and hum stopped. I checked batteries still read 49 volts. Any idea where to start?
not sure where the spark came from, the humm seemed to come from the battery compartment, I waited then went back to the cart with no key in and run/tow in tow I put the neg back on battery, no spark and the humm was the reverse alarm but it was in neutral, I even put it in forward then reverse, the alarm kept ringing. i started seeing a little smoke, that was the plastic melting on the resister on the solenoid. i took all the wires off the batteries and haven't messed with it since


If the resistor on the solenoid is getting hot without pressing the throttle you more than likely have a bad controller. Are you sure you had everything wired correctly? What make and model controller is it? What is the "box bypass" you mentioned?
not sure about wiring i will try to check it out tomorrow with a wiring diagram, I bought it used so not sure if they rewired anything
I checked the new solenoid (bad) motor also bad and found a 15 amp fuse that looked bad but hard to tell, I think this cart went underwater. My hope is the new controller (china special) is still ok but I doubt it.