2006 Precedent Club Car Electrical Problem


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2006 Club Car Precedent Electrical Problem

My Club Car dealer has no idea what to do next. They have replaced the batteries (2yr old), removed the PD 48V power relay and wired the radio directly to 12V.

I documented, as accurately as possible, the problems I have been experiencing.
Left home, everything (brake lights, turn signals, radio and motor) working fine.
Drove to course (1/2 mile), arrived with everything working fine.
After 3 holes passenger brake light went VERY VERY dim. Turn signal, with or without brake on, worked fine.
After 6 holes, with passenger brake light working, but VERY VERY dim, I turned on headlights. I then applied brakes, and passenger side appeared to work properly. Turned off headlights, and brake lights continued to work properly.
At the turn (after 9 holes) noticed the passenger brake light was VERY VERY dim again.
While playing the 15th hole those in the other golf cart told me the passenger side brake light was working again.
Hole 16, went dim again.
WHILE DRIVING HOME the power to the radio started to come and go (shutting it on and off). The speed began to slow. I looked at the battery indicator and it was below ½ charge, and I was experiencing the exact same problems as it was, prior to installing new batteries and removing the PD 48V power relay.
I have a Club Car overhead radio console with the pilot lights. There was such a draw on the batteries, that the lights would not illuminate, nor the radio work while attempting to drive the cart, so there was a huge draw on the batteries
I slowly made it 100 feet from my garage before the cart completely stopped.
I waited about 30 minutes and returned to the cart. The batteries had recovered allowing me to drive the cart into the garage. Both brake lights worked fine.
Thanks in advance for ANY ideas.


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You need to take voltage readings when you have this problem. Start by reading whole battery pack after charge. You should be somewhere around 50 volts or higher on the battery pack. If not, start reading 2 batteries at a time should be somewhere in the high 16's. If you come across one set reading below the rest, read individual batteries in that set. You will find that there is a battery problem doing that. Not knowing exactly how you have the radio wired, try disconnecting radio and charge the system. When I start having problems I always carry a voltage meter with me on the course and read periodically while playing. I read after completed charge and after playing 18 to 27 holes, then record readings before charging and after charging to see whats going on. There are so many variables and you need to start working thru a list starting with the batteries then working down to wiring harness.
One time I had bad brushes in my2001 motor that let me play about 9 to 10 holes (rough terrain) fine then strange things started to happen to my speed and power after the motor warmed up. I took it to a repair shop and they could not find anything so I made a list of the simplest to the hardest things to check and finally came up with the the motor brushes. Runs fine now. Hope this helps.