2006 gas club car charging problem


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How do I trouble shoot charging problem with my 2006 gas club car precedent.

My oem battery went dead so I replaced the battery and it went dead too.

Obviously my charging circuit is the problem. Any thoughts How to trouble shoot.

How do I determine if the generator is putting out?

How do I test the voltage regulator?


From about half throttle you should see 13.5-15v across the battery terminals with a digital volt meter. Anything less and you have an issue.

If you are getting less than 13.5 volts on the battery, take the small yellow wire coming from the starter generator and ground it to the chassis (it has a boot connector near the regulator in the solenoid box). When you ground this wire, you should see the voltage spike to 17-18v across the battery. Don't hold it here more than a few seconds or you could cook the battery. This will test to see if the generator or the voltage regulator is at fault. If the voltage at the battery goes up to 17-18 volts when you ground the wire the voltage regulator is bad.


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Thanks for the reply. I was finally able to figure it out on my own. I grounded the yellow wire and determined that the generator was capable of putting out full voltage.
I purchased a new voltage regulator yesterday and my problems are solved.

Thanks again