2006 EZGO believe to be PDS. running very slow


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Just had motor rebuilt, new batteries installed and it ran fine for 4 days then it started running at about 4 mph. Looked on here as the controller cover and everything was pointing toward the solenoid. Ordered new one installed and it still runs slow. Replaced the battery cables with new batteries. Yesterday I tried to put it in diag mode and I did not hear the confirmation beep that it was in diag mode. I downloaded the PDF for cart 2002-09. I have the selector on the dash so I assume it is the PDS. After reading some of the manual I am starting to think it is the speed sensor and or magnet, but I am seeing ones for PDS II and just regular PDS. How would I know which one I have? When I took off out of my barn yesterday it lounged fwd like it was going to get up to speed then I heard/felt o thud in the rear and it went back to running slow.
Any help would be appreciated
Investigate the thud. Try to find out exactly is causing it....crappy motor rebuild ?....brake sticking on?...Low fluid in transaxle?...Would be a great place to start.


If you EZGO is a 2006 it's a DCS (Drive Control System) and doesn't have diagnostic mode like a newer PDS golf cart.