2006 EZ-Go TXT concerns?


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I've purchased this 2006 EZ-Go TXT. I've noticed that when the throttle is slowly pressed down and comes to the first contact that just the solenoid clicks. Press the throttle to the next contact point and the sloenoid clicks twice as fast and still does not move. Press to the next contact point and the solenoid clicking pace remains the same and the cart begins to move in a jerking motion. The next contact point the clicking and jerking stop. Is this normal? I am suspecting a bad solenoid.

Also when I shift into reverse just before I get it fully reversed the reverse buzzer sounds off in all its glory. When it is fully in reverse the buzzer becomes weak and sometimes can't be heard from under the seat. Is this normal?


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Classic sign of discharged batteries or poor/corroded/loose connections.
Fix that, charge the batteries and all should be well.