2006 EZ GO Sport


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Gents -

New to the board but looks like you guys are very helpful to the new guys ! Im thinking of trading my jeep for a 2006 EZGO Sport. Probably looking at about $4,000 in value for the jeep. I have a few questions. The cart looks to be in good shape no leaks and runs smooth but I have a few questions before makeing the trade : It comes with the dump and rear seats.

- Does the price seam about right assuming the cart is in good shape ?
- What should I look for wehen inspecting the cart ?
- I found 2 motors listed a 9 and 11 HP . How can I tell which Im getting ?
- Overall thoughts on the cart ? I plan to use it for light trail riding around my small farm and hunting lease.

Thanks in advance . I might become a reqular on the site if I buy :)


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Welcome, here's some thoughts:
1) Keep the Jeep and drive it on your property.
2) Sell the Jeep and look around for the type of cart you want/need.
3) Depending on what your requirements are, you should be able to buy a cart to run around and hunt with for less than $2500.
4) Make the trade and get $1,500 in your pocket.


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i have an 06 st and put 22x11.0-10 tires on it and it will go just about anywhere i point it, i have the larger subaru engine and it has not failed me yet. does the cart have an hour meter on it? if so, how many hours? there was a carb and air filter upgrade that ezgo did back in 07 look for oil leaks on the valve cover and the inside of the air filter, depending on if you have the square old style or the newer canister type filter, back in 06 those carts brand new ran for about 5300, 5400 $ its almost 6 yrs old and no clue of what punishment it has gone through, if ya wanna get rid of the jeep then sell it and like doug said pocket the $ and you'll have some $ to add some bells and whistles to it.