2006 EZ Go controller problem


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This is my first post on this forum so thanks in advance for the help. I own a 2006 EZ Go Electric cart with the original batteries. I bought the cart used around a year ago and was told it had a "chip" in it which allowed it to reach 21 mph. Recently, the cart started having problems getting to full speed (top speed was about 3-4 mph). I thought the batteries had lost charge but I checked the water level and tested them and they had almost 100% charge.

By accident, I discovered that if I hit the accelerator, and then put the cart into reverse and quickly back into forward, it would then get up to full speed and would work fine until the cart came to a full stop. After that, it again would not get up to full speed unless I did the "reverse trick."

I am assuming this a problem with the electronics but have no experience working on carts. Is this something I should take to a dealer or something I could easily replace/fix myself?

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I'm taking it you have a PDS cart. You can put it in diagnostic mode a drive it to see if you get any trouble codes. There should be instructions on the controller cover. If not there's instructions and a code chart in the EZGO Resource Forum.