2006 E-Z-GO Gas Golf Cart Brake Light Switch


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I am new to the site and appreciate any feedback that anyone can provide.
First the background. I am installing an aftermarket headlight, tail light, brake light, signal light kit on a 2006 E-Z-GO gas golf cart and it comes with a momentary brake light switch that you have to drill the brake pedal to install it through. Problem is, unless you have your foot over top of the switch on the left side of the pedal the brake lights will not be activated.
I looked at a 2006 E-Z-GO electric golf cart and it had a factory floating lower pedal cover and a switch mounted on the underside of the pedal which also picked up the parking brake section to shut the brake lights off when set. I would like to have a clean system that works no matter where my foot is positioned, which is usually on the right side of the pedal.

Now does anybody know if it is possible to retro fit an electric brake pedal assembly with the brake light switch onto a gas cart? It looks almost exactly the same at a glance.
Also, if possible then where can I purchase these components? Are there any cart wrecking yards out there that these parts can be bought from?

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As long as you have a general electrical capability it will work. The factory pedal assembly is quite pricey, and I have not seen it for sale at any aftermarket vendors. I think it is strictly an EZ-Go order item.

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You could use a automotive brake light switch mounted under the cart. Here's a part number for one that will withstand the elements...
NAPA part number SL128 1949 Chev. Truck


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Thanks for the information guys! I got in touch with a dealer and they said that they could sell me a complete brake pedal assembly for $300.00 Canadian. I had him look up the parts required to make the conversion, microswitch, cover plate, springs and bolts and it will amount to about $70.00 Canadian. So I am going to take that route as it will look stock with only one switch in the factory location which will provide the correct actions during braking and parking. After I get the components in hand I will list out the part numbers and their costs. The beauty of this set up is that it only requires the two wire hook up but the microswitch handles two seperate functions. This keeps the wiring harness simplified.
Thanks again!