2006 Club Car Battery Liight


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Got a refurb. 2006 club. I really like the cart. Quick and looks good. The last cart I had (ezgo) had the battery gauge and the club has the light. How do I know when the battery starts to get low? I took it out for about 30-45 minutes today and the light when on and off several times but shows fully charged when plugged in. Thanks so much. I would hate to take it out and get stuck.


Club Car Battery Warning Light
IQ System Electric Vehicles Only

IQ System vehicles feature a dash-mounted warning light (above steering column) that, when the vehicle is in operation, indicates low battery voltage or, when the vehicle is being charged, indicates a charging problem. The battery warning light is controlled by the onboard computer. When the vehicle is in operation, the warning light will illuminate and remain illuminated if:

Batteries' voltage drops below 48 volts when there is no load on the batteries (the vehicle is stopped and there are no accessories on).

Batteries have discharged to less than 25% of rated capacity. If the warning light illuminates when the vehicle is operating, there will be enough power remaining to drive the vehicle for approximately 30 minutes. However, the vehicle should be charged at the first opportunity. If the warning light illuminates and the vehicle is unable to operate for 30 minutes, have your Club Car distributor/dealer check the vehicle for a possible battery or electrical system problem.
When the batteries receive an incomplete charge because 1) the DC power cord is disconnected, 2) AC power to the charger is interrupted, 3) automatic charger shut-off occurs after 16 hours of operation, or 4) the
charger malfunctions, the warning light will indicate as follows:

The warning light will not illuminate if the charge is 90% or more complete. The onboard computer will retain in memory the amount of charge needed to fully replenish the batteries and will complete the charge during the next charge cycle.

When the charger is unplugged, the warning light will illuminate and remain illuminated for 10 seconds if the charge is less than 90% complete but the vehicle has enough power for approximately 30 minutes of operation. This will alert the operator that the vehicle may be used, but that it must be charged to completion as soon as possible.

The warning light will repeatedly illuminate for 10 seconds, with 4 second intervals if the charger times out at 16 hours and the batteries are not sufficiently charged. See the battery charger owner's manual. This indicates an abnormal charge cycle. The charger and batteries should be checked by your Club Car distributor/dealer.

The warning light will repeatedly illuminate for 10 seconds, with 4 second intervals during a charge cycle (DC plug is still connected) if AC power to the charger is interrupted. The light will go out when AC power is restored.

LED Light: In addition to the warning light, there is an infrared LED in the dash light assembly, which transmits an infrared signal from the onboard computer (OBC). This signal is received by the optional
Communication Display Module (CCI P/N 101831801), which provides information on the condition of the vehicle and