2006 CC Electric DS - Need speed


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I have a 2006 CC electric 48v IQ with lift and mud tires. I have an Alltrax 500 controller too.

I am wondering how I can add a few more MPHs? I have read that the dealer can add more speed but is that through the IQ system or would that be through the controller? I have the the Alltrax on my computer to change the settings but not adding enough speed. I do have a high torque motor but am wondering if I could add more MPHs? I'm topping out at around 12-13 mph on flat ground.

Thanks for your help!!


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My 2004 IQ on stock tires will hit 20mph, but I was told it had the dealer upgrade on it. It was put on speed 4 or something, which is a $75 club car upgrade I think.

That said, it is my understanding that on the CC DS IQ carts that if you are still running through the computer, you will still be bound to a certain extent by the speed setting from the dealer, regardless of motor or controller capabilities. You might have to look into getting the speed setting changed, or having someone help you bypass the IQ computer.

I should be getting a 3" lift kit today for mine, and plan to put 20" or 22" tires on it, so it will be interesting to see what change mine has. I am thinking top speed may remain similar, but torque on low end will be hurt. If that's the case, it will be my intention to change to a larger controller, HD solenoid and upgraded motor, but continue to use the IQ system.

Good luck getting it figured out.


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I see you said you have a high torque motor. What model and RPM rating is the motor?
It should have a sticker or tag on it with the specs.


Okay it's motor thats wound for torque. I looked at the specs here and it requires the controller upgrade. On a regen cart a higher amp controller will increase your top speed but has more of an effect on torque. I'm not sure if the cart can be programmed by Club Car without the stock controller. Hopefully someone else can chime in with that info. You could always send the motor to EMP and have them re-work it. With the setup you have now EMP can make your motor have a better top speed and you'll still have the torque you need. I'd give them a call and tell them about your cart and what you looking to do with it...


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I did read somewhere that the CCIQ OBC had to be programmed to "full "open" by dealer before the aftermarket motor controller can do it's thing. You might want to read all the ALLTRAX documentation on your controller (downloadable from ALLTRAX). It may be stated there. Not sure.