2005 precedent IQ problem


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I have a problem the MCOR is reading on purple to yellow and yellow to white
1.2k to 6.5k and 6.5k to 1.2k is this right or is this MCOR bad out of range the specs. I see are 5k to 0k . The cart wont go at all 48 to 50 volts on batteries , the seloniod clicks A1 to A2 on the controller when the pedal is pushed down slowly is 0 to 5 volts when I put a amp meter on the A1 lead at the controller I get side I get 20 to 30 and up to 300 amps on it and the pedal to the floor the seloniod cuts off and you have to let off the pedal and start again to energize the seloniod. I tried to check the motor with a battery charger as chuck at EMP has in his wiring diagrams using a 12 volt battery charger disconnect F1 and F2 and A1 and A2 and tied A1 to F1 and A2 to F2 and watched the amperage is about 15 to 18 amps to turn the motor so I know the motor is working but the amps seem to high for a regen motor right or wrong. I'm confused on this cart I think it is in the controller
Any Help would be appreciated