2005 IQ will not move


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I have a 2005 club Car IQ DS. Just Changed batteries and lifted cart. While lifting cart the speed sensor was pulled apart because I failed to take into account the extra height, The cart will not move Ihave checke4d the batteries they are correct.I have chsarged the batteries they all read approx 8.9. I repluged the wire into the speed sensor but do not know if it was pulled apart inside the magnets, I was under the impression that the cart would move without the speed sensdor. The selonoid clicks nd I can hear the micro switch click also I have jump ed across the selonoid two large posts and the cart will still not go. I have searched for any loose connection and have not found one. The computer says default on the accelerator but I do not know where to go . Any suggestions Thanks cp


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i,m just guessing but you could have ruined sensor, as for running with a bad one i can,t answer that one..................................