2005 iq cart electrical problem


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I have an 05 iq cart with 9 in lift and 25 in tires. Never had any problems before but saturday cart quit moving while I was riding it. I came to a stop and when I tried to start back it would just barely move. I cut power off and wiggled wires on the batteries and it started back. It then did it again, but it would start out very slowly then gradually pick up speed. I have one battery cable that looks a little corroded could that be the problem?? If so would it hurt to upgrade my cables to 4 gauge welding cable or would that not help anything. Any help would be greatly appreciated Im new to the electric carts and haven't quite figured them out yet.


It could be the bad cable causing your problem. You should change it ASAP. If your going to upgrade to 4 guage you need to do ALL the cables. But for now you may want to change the bad cable to see if it fixes your problem. Is the bad cable or any other cables getting hot after using the cart a while?