2005 EZGO ST 2+2

Big Jeff

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Hi, I'm new to Cartaholics and would like to say your site is AWSOME!!! I would like to know if I made a good choice buying this cart ? Do any of you guys have one? Few people told me I should of got a gas cart. Thanks


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I wouldn't own anything but a Electric Cart !

I kind of have a simple way of looking at things. If a gas cart has problems it can be a number of things, if your electric cart has issues at least you know it is electrical.

A electric cart with good batteries can go 20 plus miles between charging and is much quieter doing it. With a electric cart you get get some serious torque for climbing hills with a simple controller and battery cable change. I've read of very few owners burning up the motors on electric carts and they usually change them only because they want performance. On the other hand, I've seen a number of folks who have had stuck valves and such with their gasser's.

I know both have there pro's and con's but to me, it is Electric all the way.