2005 EZGO Clicks But doesn't Move


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I went out this morning and turned on the cart and pushed the pedal. It started to go and quit abruptly. It will not go either direction. I can here the solinoid kick in but no other noise execpt the reverse beeper. Where do I start to evaluate this problem? 2005 TXT. Thanks


Thats low for a 36 volt cart. Charge it up and then see what you get, should be over 40. See if it will run with a full charge.


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You may have 1 or more bad batteries, 35.8 is about a 35% charge.
Check the battery connections, water level and recharge.
Let the charger finish it's cycle, it could take up to 16 hours before it shuts off.
Your batteries need to be 38.2v at full charge.
How old are your batteries? Are they the original 2005's?
Post up the pack voltage and the individual numbers after charging and resting for at least 1 hour.


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Glad to see you found the problem and thanks for letting us know you got it fixed.