2005 Club Car Precedent


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I have a 2005 48V (4x12) club car precedent cart. If I fully charge the cart then drive it the cart is sluggish. The radio shuts off while I have the gas press down, the battery indicator light comes on. When I test the batteries with a multimeter they still read 11-12 volts. I am not sure if it is my batteries or something else. Any suggestions?


Ok well that means that the cart had its first battery job and about 3 years. Now you are at another 3 years. Those 12 volt batteries arent known for lasting very long. 11 to 12 volts is very low voltage for 12 volt batteries. Only way to be sure would be to have them tested by a hydro or have them load tested with a golf cart load tester.


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TDAWG's correct here.
Precedent's are hell on batteries. If they are older than 3 years they are probably due for replacement.
You have 2008 batteries in a 2005 cart which means the first ones only lasted 3 years.
A fully charged 12v battery should read at least 12.73v, 12v is under 50% charged and 11v is stone cold dead.