2005 Club Car Precedent Won't Go

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Sometimes when I press the accelerator on my 2005 Club Car Precedent, the cart will not go. Put in reverse and still no go. I can hear a soft clicking around the accelerator only. I assume there is some type of switch there.

When it does go, I hear a louder clicking under the seat. I hear this louder clicking when accelerator is pressed and when accelerator is depressed another click. I assume this is the solenoid?

Is the accelerator switch bad or the solenoid? How do I test each of them separately?

Thanks for any answers.


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You can test the accelerator micro switch with a digital multimeter set on ohms.
Have you checked all your cable connections to make sure they're clean and tight? It sounds like you have a bad connection somewhere on one or more of your cables.

05 club

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Does not do it all the time. When solenoid clicks it goes, when it does not click it does not go.

I hear the soft click of the accelerator all the time, when it goes and when it does not go.

Not sure which one is bad or going bad.

How can I pin point which one it is?

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Jack rear of cart and use jack stands. Press accelerator pedal and check for wheels for motion. If wheels turn but are intermittent check the wiring at the motor. Loose connection at the motor will cause the problem you describe.