2004 pds chips


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I have just joined the cart owners club and have also just bought a 2004 ezgo pds cart i am having 20" tires on it and a speed chip installed will the speed "freedom" chip also reduce power on for hills or just let it go faster and have no regen braking ? what do the other chips do ? what are the +/_ 's of them? any answers on this pds system will be greatly useful on this new adventure. thanx !!!


Welcome to the forum and congrats on the new golf cart...

The chips only change the amount of regen braking and top speed. They have no effect on torque so it won't change the hill climbing at all. With 20" tires and the freedom chip the cart should run 20-22 MPH on flat ground. You'll lose a little torque and gain a little speed with the taller tires...