2003cc DS IQ is dead


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2003cc DS IQ Model. The cart looks brand new with no signs of wear but it didn’t have batteries when I bought it. I installed new batteries but have no power at all. The battery light on the dash doesn’t come on…no headlights…no clicks when I turn the key on…..nothing. The battery charger doesn’t work either. I searched the forums and got some great tips so a cleaned all connections and used an ohm meter to get voltage readings.
48.4 volts at the red wire on the solenoid. 47.8 volts at the yellow wire on the solenoid. Both of these readings were the same with either key on or key off.
48.0 volts at the small blue/white stripe wire at the solenoid and 48.3 volts at the small light blue wire at the solenoid. Both of these readings with key on.
I thought for sure the controller was bad so I bought a “used but tested good” controller off eBay. No change at all.
I am hoping one of you good folks with more golf cart experience than I can help me out with ideas on where to go next. I need to get the cart going as soon as I can so the grand kids will leave the house. ;-)
Assistance is appreciated,


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Cartaholic, you were indeed correct. More than one problem. The major issue was a bad OBC. I had replaced the controller but didn't need to...the old one was good. The OBC solved ALL the problems except for the headlights and hooking up the hot wire fixed that. ;-)



Glad to hear you got it fixed...