2003 TXT full throttle only help!


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Hi all, Im new to the site and to these golf carts. Great site by the way! I just recently bought a nice 2003 gas EZGO TXT golf cart and Im having a throttle issue. Theres is no easing into the throttle. If you start to give it gas the engine starts and goes wide open. You have to immediatly let off the gas to not take off like a roacket thus jerking the car on and off when doing so.

I searched this forum for answers and I have fixed the couple things that were mentioned that could be the problem with no avail.

The throttle blade on the carb was not opening with the gas peddle. (Which makes NO sense to me because the cart ran extreamly well and fast like this almost to fast) I adjusted the cable to wear the blade opens far enough that the cart does not hit the rev limiter while driving top speed/wide open.

Can anyone tell me what to look to next to fix this issue so you can actually give it a small amount of throttle and have it ease up to speed slowly until you give it more throttle to go faster?

Thanks for any help in advance!



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Welcome Brian

the first thing you need to confirm is that the throttle butterfly inside the carb is completely closed when stopped. the starter needs to engage before the throttle linkage starts to move, did this just start happening? or..


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Thanks for the reply. I figured the cart out last night shortly after I made the post. Either someone adjusted the set screw and jamb nut on the carb thottle blade open enough that it goes basically went full throttle when started or the screw managed to vibrate its way down keeping the blade open.

At first glance the throttle blade "appears" to open and close normally when working the gas peddle but the blade had quite a bit more to return after you release the peddle. Cart works flawlessly now and you can ease out very slowly and has great top speed.

I look forward to being a part of this site.

Thanks again!