2003 EZGO TXT Gas Golf Cart Rear Axle Bearing and Seal Question

Hello all, I have a 2003 EZGO TXT gas golf cart that I went to change the rear axle bearings. I got the passenger side axle out and noticed the bearings I had to replace them with were way to small. I have come to realize the bearings I have are for an electric cart. I noticed that there is no seal in there just the two snap rings and the bearing. Should this gas golf cart have axle seals in it? I will have to find the right bearings for this cart but need to know if it should have seals in it also. I have had this cart and used it camping for at least 10 years just like it is? I would appreciate any help. Thanks


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Thought I would update that this cart does not have and never has had seals right behind the axle bearings. The way this rear end is made there is no way a seal can be put in behind the bearing. The axle casing has a outward notch all the way from the second snap ring to the rear end housing. No way a seal could be put in there. I guess the rear end has a seal at the housing for the axle.
classycarts, Thanks for the reply. Is that pic out of a service manual? If it is do you know where I can get a service manual for my cart? I replaced all four shocks, front hubs, bearings and seals. I also replaced the axle bearings before I took it to the campground. It started running kinda rough one day at the campground. Like it was losing power. I could push the gas pedal all the way to the floor and it was like it just did not want to go. Kinda back fired a little. So I brought it home and replaced the spark plugs, fuel filter and pulled the carburetor and cleaned it. I was thinking maybe valve's needed to be adjusted. I checked the compression and both cylinders had 150 psi. I noticed the air intake breather tube hose had a pretty bad crack in it so I ordered one and should get it today. It seems to run pretty good now but I will not know for sure until I get it back out to the campground and am able to run around out there on the smooth roads.
I did notice I was getting grease past the seals on the front hubs. I realized I put the dang seals in to far. I dont know if I can get those seals out a little without tearing them up. I do have a set of new seals on the way if I have to have them.