2003 EZGO Build


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Hey everyone from Tennessee. I’m finally getting around to posting about my build. Enjoyed seeing everyone builds.

Found a great deal on a 2003 Ezgo gas and trailer for 1400. Run great and cruises at 15 mph. The problem was the owner was old and painted it with latex paint by hand. The body was red and white, while the roof was painted blue, very patriotic.

Derivited the body and cleaned it. Took the body to the paint shop today. Going with 1997 viper gts Blue paint. Having a harder time cleaning the paint off the tan roof.

Ordered the following: 5 inch allsports drop lift, 22x10x12 timber wolf at tires and omega wheels. Also grabbed a rear seat as well. More to come. Any tips or feedback is welcomed.


Real nice job, very clean looking cart. :thumbsup:
You should add a picture to the members carts section of the media gallery.