2003 EZGO 36 volts 4 seater


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I purchased a 2003 EZGO 4 seater from the original owner. The batteries are original and been fully charged. I do not have meter and and have not measured the charge. The unit runs great on straight away, but labors on steep hills. Any suggestions to determine what may cause this issue?


Are the batteries original? You would need a meter to see whats really going on there. Sounds like a nice cart.


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It's normal to a point for the cart to slow down on hills. Seeing how they're the original batteries they may be on their way out. Check and add distilled water if needed. If you have a digital multi meter take voltage readings on the individual batteries a couple hours after a full charge without using the cart and post your results.

If the cart has been sitting a month or more with no use things may get better after a few charge cycles...