2003 EZ GO


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Hello to everyone. I am new to the site, so please bare with me on the information I give you guys on this problem. I have a 2003 ez go PDS with a lift kit, that I bought from a place that sells refurbished carts. My daughter and sister-in-law were on my cart, when it quit. From the info they gave me they were trying to go over a curb and the cart would not make it, so they stopped and rolled back. When my in-law put her foot on the brake they heard a pop and then smelt something burning. I have looked the cart over and can not find anything that looks to be burnt. I have power to the key and the lights work and the led battery indicator works and when you put it in reverse it will beep, but the cart will not move in forward or reverse. I tryed to do the diagnostic test that I got from here but it did not work. I can not see the label on the motor, but I do know that the controller says for stock motors only on it, so I am assuming that the motor is stock. Its is a 36 volt cart. If anyone can help steer me in the right direction as to where start to try and figure this problem out it would be GRATELY APPRECIATED!!!!!!


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sounds like one of two things...one cheap and one not cheap. First I would look at the solinoid (this would be the cheap fix) It may not look burnt but still could be burnt inside. If that is not it may be the controller. PDS controllers tend not to fair well under strain on a cart w/ a lift kit...i dont know why. If it is the controller I would recomend upgrading to an aftermarket like an alltrax.