2002 EZGO TXT Project


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So, purchased a 2002 EZGO TXT 36V PDS version. Previous owner installed a back seat on the cart but never upgraded the rear suspension or controller. For the most part the cart runs fine other than bottoming out in the rear now and then. I think the extra weight might have been hard on the controller though. After driving the cart for 15mins when trying to reverse it will not budge, forward is fine though and backs out of the garage when cold just fine. I already ordered a 6" lift kit along with heavy duty leaf springs. Any recommendations on which new controller I should look into, was looking at the Curtis 500A? I live in Florida so no hills to worry about, just flat terrain. Also heard that I should upgrade all of the battery cables to 4G, sound right? Read somewhere that the motor would burn out, but notice that just about all of the lifted golf carts in my neighborhood are running on the original motors and not having any issues with them. Also any recommendations on tire/wheel sizes, should I go for 14" with low profile all terrain tires, or 12" with normal all terrain tires? TIA for any input, all new to me.