2002 EZGO TXT Gas Steering Binding


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A little new to the golf cart world but picked up a 2002 EZGO TXT gas golf cart over the weekend. The steering feels a little odd. Does not matter if you turn left or right it does the same and the cart is stock. The steering almost feels as if it turns normally and then tightens slightly and then repeats about every turn of the wheel. Not real sure how to describe it. I do not see anything bent or binding. Is it in the steering rack and a common problem?
Thank you!!


Is your rack and pinion sitting on top of front axle or way up higher ? Most 2002 and up had the newer style rack sitting on top of axle.


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It sounds like something could be bent in the steering column or input shaft of the rack since you feel it on every revolution.


I would say take the steering tie rod off the right wheel then turn the wheel and see if the tension is there if not probably the king pins inside the spindle are rusting up you could hit the bolts with a air impact to free them up and pull them out and put anti seize on the bolts to not happen again good luck


Appears to be the rack. Everything else was smooth and the rack has some play and you can feel it once I had it off the cart. Thanks again!
That's why I asked which one you had. I assume yours is on top of axle so just replace it . The older ones I have repaired many times.
I bought a 2002 a few years ago that had the older one. Four bolt in floor and yours is the later model one. Three bolt and older.