2002 EZGO Popping And Not Running


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Okay so I'm new here and to the carting world.
I picked up a 2002 with a EH29C. It ran and stumbled when i got it. Thoroughly clean the carb still ran crappie. Ordered a cheep replacement carb ya i know you get what you pay for. Still ran crappie. I could get it going when it was cold but when it warmed up it didn't want to start. Read about adjusting the valves the exhaust valves were about .004 already and the intake was tight so adjusted them. Now in my haste i had spun the motor backwards to do the adjusting. Now it will not start at all just popping. Checked the spark and compression 165psi and 170psi. My question is when i spun it backwards did i some how mess up the timing?
Oh I also took it to a cart guy now he admits that he is more familiar with the electric cart than gas carts.
But he looked at it and says the valves could be bad and would need to rebuild.


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Well there known to have intake valve problems but the compression is right on so that is a unlikely cause. Turning it backwards would have no affect on it, are You sure its getting spark all the time? if so i would bet the cam timing is off.
I have had more than a few engines over the years with this problem, I'm sure there is a cam timing diagram in the ezgo resource section if You want to check it.