2002 ezgo pds


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Good morning everyone,

I wanted to say I have enjoyed reading through this forum the past day or so.

I have found a 2002 EZGO PDS for sale for $ 500.00. It has been neglected and is in rough shape. It's not in horrible shape but will need a fair amount of work. It has been sitting outside uncovered for a year or so. It has the following already on it: Lift Kit, Dry rot all terrain tires, rear seat, front and back lights.

The bad: The lady that owns it says that they had it checked out and it needs a new motor. I am currently planning on having to replace the motor, batteries, possibly controller, cables, and tires. I am trying to plan for the worst-case scenario. What other big-ticket items should I have in my mind that may need to be replaced? I am hoping not all the big things will need to be replaced; I am just trying to plan for the worst.

Based off the above information, do you feel that it is a fair deal to pursue or for the total potential money that will be spent will I be better off finding one that is running already? For the record I do enjoy fixing things up. I thought you fellas would be much more in tune with the costs and problems these carts have and could offer good advice.

Lastly, if I buy the cart what should be the first things I do besides putting tires that roll on it. Is it feasible to bring it home check the batteries for fluid, if the batteries have fluid, plug it in and see if it will charge so I can begin diagnosis on the cart?

Thanks for any help or information that you can provide. I know I through a lot out there.

Thanks again


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Any chance this is a Hurricane Ike cart?

Also, if this is your first cart, I would take a pass unless you are REAL determined.

Other items to consider:

ITS control under floorboard
Control wiring harness
Differential oil
Rear axle tubes
Rear brakes and cables


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Thanks for the reply. No, its not a Ike cart. It does not appear to have been flooded. I am in New Orleans though. The cart was used after Hurricane Katrina. My dad does have a 1998 exgo that was flooded from the 2008 hurricanes in MS gulf coast. I have helped him some with his carts prior to being flooded. I do not want a nightmare just a project. It sounds like you feel the risk reward may not be in my favor, i.e. costs could be potentially be higher than what it would cost to buy one in running condition.


If the cart isn't a flood cart $500 sounds like a decent deal for a 2002 EZGO PDS cart with a back seat and a lift already installed. You can try to charge the batteries but chances are good they're shot. It's uncommon for the motors to go bad on a cart that new. It could possibly be the controller. If the body isn't cracked and the seats are in decent shape I'd say it's worth what they're asking... There's a lot of parts around for the TXT's from people who have upgraded their carts so you can always look for used parts...


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I'll say this, the cart was not flooded but was used in a salt water environment. I just called the dealer that the lady said they brought the cart to. He said he has never seen the cart but said they called him on the phone and described what the cart was doing. He said he then told them it could be the motor. This makes me not trust what the lady has been telling since she has said a number of times it was brought to the shop.

The does have several 2003 PDS carts for sale for $ 2000. I then called another local place and they have one 2005 exgo TXT for sale for $ 2000. I am beginning to wonder if I will be better off buying something like one of these and start adding stuff to these. Any toughts would be appreciated. Is there a preference between the PDS vs. TXT?

Thanks....sorry for this drawn out drama.


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coastal1, FYI all plastic bodied EZ-Go's are TXT, except for the just introduced RXV line, but we haven't seen many of those in the secondary market yet. Within the TXT body style, there are Series/Fleet, DCS, and PDS models. You can trust HRC's advice, he knows the market.


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Thanks guys. I passed on the 2002 cart. I found out the lady was not totally truthful about the cart so my search continues. I have got the bug now!