2002 EZGO Governor Adjustment Help


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I bought a 2002 EZGO golf cart two weeks ago. Please bare with me, I am a newbie. I took it to a local EZGO dealer to give it a tune up. Made the cart run great. However, he put the governor adjustment back at factory settings and said he did not recommend for me to mess with it. The cart is running at factory, so its pretty slow compared to when I had them fix it. I have looked on here for help, but guess i am not to smart. Anybody have a "how to picture illustration" on adjusting the governor? do you think this could mess up the engine in the cart? It's a Robin EH29C. Any help would be greatly appreciated.. :thumbsup:


You may have a cover that needs to be removed on a 2002 to access the governor adjustment. EZGO started using this cover a few years ago but once the cover is removed the adjustment is the same as the older models. Tighten the nut to compress the spring on the governor.

You can also use a zip tie on the spring if you don't want to adjust the nut. This way you can cut the zip tie and your back to stock. I usually just adjust the nut...
EZGO Governor Adjustment