2002 EZ-GO Leans


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After I installed a 5 inch lift kit on my cart, it leaned on the drivers side. Everyone told me the springs were weak. I replaced the front and rear springs with new heavy duty ones and it still leans. I have tried adjusting the lift kit 3 times and it still leans. When I take the passenger side rear spring loose the cart will actually stay up. When I do that on the drivers side it drops like a rock. For some reason the drivers side spring seems to be holding all the weight. Did I shift the axle when I installed the lift kit? The cart does seem to have an odd vibration now - I chalked it up to the big tires. Any help would be great. My wife wants to drive the cart in the parade this year and I would really like the cart to be level.



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If you jack the rear of cart up so the wheels are off the ground and put jack stands under the frame, not under the axle, does the front of the cart sit level, side to side? If it sits level, you would think your problem is in the rear suspension.
Put the jack stands as far back as possible so you know you are not balancing the cart.