2002 club car


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just picked up a 2002 club car 48 volt cart. going to customize it but i really don't want to put a crazy system in it. just got out of the 6.1 700 amp ezgo and know i'm just looking to build a clean low rider for the wife to get around in. my problem is the cart has a safty braking system in it. this is are 1st club car we know in an ezgo you can purchase a freedom chip, but how do we do it to a club car? do i need a controller/motor combo or is there a cheaper way? i also here that if you put a 36 volt motor in a 48 volt cart it will go faster? is that true i dont want crazy fast but nice cruz'r


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BCGC, the club car does not have a speed chip like the EZGO, therefore the only ways to get more speed out of it is by upgrading. Upgrading the wiring from the factory 6ga to 4ga will help amperage flow and get you a little more speed but won't be substantial, or you can go the motor and controller route which will give a substantial increase in speed depending on the size of the new motor and controller. I have a 2003 club car DS 48v and have been toying with the idea of a 36v motor. I have been told that you can do this with no other upgrades and will see speeds around 20 mph, I am a little leary of this though as I feel that a 36v motor on a 48v system will not last that long. Good luck with what you decide. Post what kinds of speeds you would like to see and the forum guys will be able to help with the motor/controller combo that will work if you decide to go that route.


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That's the beautiful thing about "SERIES" motors
the more juice the faster the

series motors will continue to spin up as long as you keep putting the juice to them, more volts=more speed, the issue you'll be concerned about is the safe RPM range you don't want it flying apart on you, you can run a 36V motor on a 48V system, SERIES MOTOR, I know that for sure, but don't push it with a 72 volt pack unless you are 110% sure of your motors rating

Cables will be a must, you should fight the heat issue every chance you get, IMHO they should come standard with 4 guage 600 volt Weld cable