2002 Club Car Slowed Down Then Stopped Running


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I'm new here and a friend told me you guys knew everything so here goes.

I have an 2002 series Club Car that just quit on me this weekend. It slowed down then stopped running completely.
I had been riding it a good bit at deercamp and it was wet but it was doing fine seemed to be getting slower but I figured that was because of how much I had been riding. Well on the road back to my truck it just quit. No click now when you press the accelerator no nothing no lights no nothing. Me and my buddy pushed it on to my trailer and I brought it home. Charger won't click on now either. Please help I don't know where to start. Like I said no click no lights no charger. Are there fuses or reset buttons somewhere. Thanks


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Start with checking ALL the cables and make sure they're clean and tight. Look for signs of a cable/connection that was hot. Check individual battery voltage with a digital meter and post your results.