2002 charging problem


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We stored a seldom used (top quality reconditioned) cart in a nearby home garage 2 months ago and were not aware of the 'tow' mode. Yesterday I found that the PowerDrive2 charger would not respond. I don't believe it has failed.
?? Am I correct that when batts fall below a certain low voltage the charger will NOT do anything (hum, etc)?
Today I check liquid levels and begin the process to bring it back to life.
?? How do we get the voltage back up?
?? As I understand the PowerDrive2 system is partially in charger and some in the cart, can any other style charger be plugged into the cart to determine charger status?

Thanks for suggestions. Live and learn (something new every day)!


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You can charge each battery alone. I use a six volt charger which will produce 8 volts. You will need to isolate each battery by unhooking both the plus/minus cables coming to it. Hope this helps


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You can also use a 12v charger for a short period of time like 10 minutes.
You do not need to disconnect any batteries to separately charge them. The charger only charges whats between the charger clips and affects nothing else.
It's not necessary but I would put the cart in the tow mode when doing this maintenance charge to avoid any controller problems. Regular charging with the GC charger can be done with the run/tow in the run mode.


Not sure if PowerDrive and PowerDrive 2 chargers are exactly the same but go to the topic "Club Car - club car won't charge " on page 4 date 5 March for more info.


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use a 12 volt charger on each battery for 20 minutes but do not leave unattended while doing this for safety reasons...............or open up charger and bypass low voltage sensor than theres no need to charge each one.............if you do the bypass leave on for 5 hours or so than undo the bypass and plug charger in ...................also any C.C. 48 volt charger should work it shouldn,t matter if its just a powerdrive or powerdrive plus.........................