2001 PDS


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I have a stock 2001 PDS. I read a suggestion for a speed chip modification for a 2005 that would get the cart to 20 MPH.

Is a speed chip available for the 2001?

Is it something I can install? I"m pretty mechanically savvy.

If available, where do I get one?

Bob in Southern Cal.


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Thanks for the source and your time to respond.

In further reading on this site I also dis covered the potential of a toggle switch arrangement to make speed selection possible.

I only use the cart for gold but it is street legal and I drive it to the local course. A little added speed on the streets will be great.

Bob in S Cal

PS This is a great site with a world or helpful information. I will be telling others about it.



Welcome to Cartaholics bobking44. Glad you found us.