2001 EZGO Workhorse st480


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Hi all,

We have a 01 ezgo workhorse st480 here at the golf course. In the beginning of the season we were having engine issues with the 16 B&S vangaurd (bad compression). We opted for a new engine rather than fix what we had. I got another 16 hp Vangaurd, but the next version as the original engine is out of production. We installed the new engine and it still wouldn't run right. We sent it up to a Briggs dealer to have it checked and they came back with no engine issues. The issue lays with the starter not being strong enough to turn over the engine. Anyone have any ideas on how I can get this going without a different engine?

Thanks in advance.
Montague Golf Club


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make sure you have the correct amperage from battery to starter. amperage on battery could be too low possible you need a higher amperage battery.


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Sounds like high resistance. Feel the temp of your wires after trying to start. If they are warm, check your terminals for corrosion and loose crimps. Take the ground strap off, scratch, clean and tighten.