2001 Ezgo Electric "Casper"

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No Nubby one... To answer S.E.R., I read somewhere that on ATV's in sand the lugs work better backwards, actually floating on sand. Instead of digging in the lugs pull sand toward the center of the tire, floating... Plus the ride is not as rough, not riding on the points...


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Well,,, for an old fart i guess, at least his bag is not hangin' through the lawn chair yet.

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Cartaholic - R.I.P.
Felt well enough to cruise Ocean Lakes strip Saturday and Sunday night. Saw TalkBack (Randy) this past weekend and was able to talk a while. Here is a pic...Thanks Randy...

Pimp Daddy

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Cut out for the 12"sub.

Then it was painted with 5 coats of Kilz to seal the MDF board.

Painted with Black Metallic rattle can and installed12"DUB sub and a pair of Realistic super tweeters with electronic crossover.

Finally ready to install in Casper.

That was the history of the sub enclosure.
Skkreat asked about the sub box:
Looks like you are running a subwoofer in the bag well from your pics. Is that what it is and if so how did you mount it? Closed box? Ported box? Wide open mounted to what looks like a piece or plexi? Just picked up a 10" Polk Audio DXI 104 SVC off eBay pretty cheap and was thinking of putting it back there. Looking for advice if had ran a sub.

Pimp Daddy

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The problem...Lifting 240 lbs....24 inches



The solution... 2 step ladder...


Back in the saddle again !!!


Too Cool to ride so I sat and listened to music for a while....