2001 EZ_GO

Big Bear

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1st of all Hello Im new here, this is a nice lookin site. Thinkin about sellin my cart has the24hp honda,billet column and shiftlever,setup for sattelite radio(but system needs to be rehooked,coilover a-arm,viper blue paint and interior upgrade. I cant figure out how to post a pic so i will email you one, of if some one could help me in postin one. just wonderin what I might be able to get out of it? I live on the border of CA. AZ, and Nevada. Been a real fun cart but the wife wants a rhino.


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Welcome Big Bear to the forum. As far as posting pictures goes. My opinion is go to a free site like www.photobucket.com and get an account. Then upload your pictures to Photobucket, copy and paste the IMG code to your posts. To add the code manually just type in [img= directly before the address and [/img] after it. The main thing is getting the pictures hosted, you can't just add them from a file on your computer.