2001 EZ GO forward but no reverse.HELPPPP


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I have a 2001 EZ GO 36 volt golf cart. It has the tow switch if that makes a difference. Backed out the garage rode the golf course a bit and everything worked fine. Went to back up again and no reverse. Everything else works fine.I took the forward and reverse switch out of the dash and reversed the wires and it went forward in reverse but no reverse in forward so that tells me the switch is ok. I can turn everything off then turn the key on and the reverse switch to reverse and 1 out of 10 times it will reverse. Anyone have any sugestions?? PLEASE HELP.. Thanks


Check the connections on the small wires on the controller. You can also put a PDS cart like you have in diagnostic mode and see if you get any trouble codes. There should be instructions on the controller cover. If not you can find them in the EZGO Resource forum.


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is the solenoid clicking when its in reverse?.............................................