2001 Club Car DS 48V Wont Move


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Hi All,

I was given a 2001 Club Car DS that has been sitting outside since sometime after 2017 (2/17 is the date on the batteries). I cleaned it up and threw parts at it to start fresh.

  • New battery charger (Form 15 Amp Club Car 48V charger) from Amazon
  • New 48V Solenoid (Amazon)
  • New Battery cables
  • Removed all add on’s to wiring harness. It is stock as it came in 2001 (no lights)
  • New F&R Switch (Amazon)
  • New Key Switch (Amazon)
  • New MCOR (Amazon)
ORIGINAL or NOT CHANGED: batteries (Deka Pro Master GC8V, 121min @56 Amps) put them individually on a trickle charger and was able to get them to 7.5 V each, Original Charging receptacle, Original OBC and the controller.

Charged the batteries and when it says its done I read 47.8V (is that enough?)


Turn the key on put it in “F” I get nothing. Put it in “R” all I get is the buzzer.

I hear a click but get nothing.

Does anyone have a troubleshooting tree or suggestions on where to start?

Thanks for taking the time to read this and your help and suggestions.


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So... not enough battery to get her moving?
Can I still troubleshoot it electronically or do i need the proper battery voltage


A good 48 volt battery pack should be close to 51 volts when fully charged. Doses the voltage drop at all when you try to drive the golf cart?


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A good 48 volt battery pack should be close to 51 volts when fully charged. Doses the voltage drop at all when you try to drive the golf cart?
These batteries haven't been plugged in in several years. The guy had no clue what happened to his charger. I get nothing when pressing the peddle. Should I see voltage across the two lakes terminals on the solenoid?


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So when you hear the click the battery voltage doesn't change at all?
Sorry for the delayed reply had to do my husbandry duties and get all the yard work done.
That is correct, as I start to press the pedal I hear a click and push it to the floor and get nothing (it's in forward) I also get no voltage across the large terminals on the solenoid.
Should I read continuitybetween the spade connectors on the solenoid? I don't.


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If you have shot batteries nothing else will matter. 7.5v charged for an 8v battery is no bueno.
Ok, not what I wanted to hear! But I got the cart for $100 and have put less than $200 into it with the new parts so I feel I'm still ahead of the game.
Doing what I want to this is going to be like owning a BOAT (Bust Out Another Thousand) 🤣