2000 Yamaha G16E


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We bought a 2000 Yamaha G16E and it is missing the controller-can someone tell me which contoller I need- it is 36V. Is there a website out there that tells which controller goes with different type golf carts-Thanks


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Is a series or regen cart? A regen cart will have a wire that comes out of the end of the motor along with A1,A2 and S1,S2 terminals. A series cart just has the A1,A2 and S1,S2 terminals on the motor.

If it is a series cart you can go with an Alltrax AXE type controller

A buddy of mine has a 2001 G16e and he blew his controller. I put an Alltrax AXE 4844 in his cart and he loves the torque upgrade.