2000 TXT gives fault codes when charger plugged in


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I jut got my new batteries installed, and the cart is running great. I used about 20% 0f the batteries according to my new little battery gauge and decided to charge it when I got home. I've never used this charger before, and it's giving me the flashing red LED, that says it's a fault code, it should be flashing green. this is the 36v system. Where should I start to troubleshoot, I would start to think it's the charger since I don't know the history of that thing. Any help appreciated. thank you.


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the bad thing is I bought the cart without batteries, so I have never used the charger, so I don't know if this issue existed before. Or if the charger was bad.


Take a look at this. The flashing light should be a code. See what it matches up to from the following and let us know which code it is.

Powerwise QE and Delta Q Charger Fault Codes

SHORT GREEN FLASH = less than 80% charged
LONG GREEN FLASH = more than 80% charged
SOLID GREEN = 100% charged
RED FLASH = fault code

RED FLASH: Light turns on briefly, but does not
flash after that - check for valid AC voltage.

ONE RED FLASH: One flash, a pause and then
again one flash and a pause - Charge Enable
Fault: poor contact in the DC connector or dirty
contacts or Battery Temperature Fault: battery
temperature is greater than 122° F (50° C) or less
than 14° F (-10° C).

TWO RED FLASHES: Two flashes, a pause and
then again two flashes and a pause - Battery Voltage
Fault: Battery pack is less than 36.0 Volts or
more than 67.2 Volts. Battery pack is too discharged
or over charged for the charger to work.

THREE RED FLASHES: Three flashes, a pause
and then again three flashes and a pause - Battery
Charge Time-out: Charge time exceeded 24
hours. This may indicate a problem with the battery
pack or that the charger output current was
severely reduced due to high ambient temperatures.

FOUR RED FLASHES: Four flashes, a pause and
then again four flashes and a pause - Battery
Fault: Charge time exceeded. This indicates a
problem with the battery pack voltage not reaching
the required nominal level within the maximum
time allowed.

SIX RED FLASHES: Six flashes, a pause and
then again six flashes and a pause - Charger
Fault: An internal fault has been detected. If this
fault is displayed again after unplugging the
charger’s DC power cord and plugging it back in,
the charger must be taken to a qualified service


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Ok, thanks for the info. I'm getting the 6 red flashes, pause, and 6 red flashed over and over. From your notes, it looks like the charger may be bad.

Next question, does anyone know who can repair these? Or am I looking at a replacement?

thanks, the info on this site has been awesome!

Jeff L.

I'm looking forward to spening way too much money on this cart! I've already got my eye on a set of wheels, and a paint job...and seat covers... and...

you know how it goes. :)


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I would be looking for a replacement, the QE chargers have a real bad reputation for crapping out and being non-repairable.
Look on CL for a used one.
Does your cart have the fuse on the main +, it would be the 60a fuse. I have had alot of problems with those fuses. The cart will run fine but will not charge.

Just another thought!


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I ended up buying a charger on ebay, should be here in a few days, I'll let you know if that fixes my problem. Thanks!


Glad to hear the new charger solved the problem. Thanks for the follow up.

You can post the old defective charger in the for sale forum. Someone may need parts.


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Someone posted on another forum regarding the PowerWise QE. He was a dealer and received 20 of them with new carts. 12 of them flashed red when he received them. Apparently the QE's have a troubled past. Look on Ebay and you won't find a working used one for sale. I currently have a working QE but am buying a backup for the inevitable time when it croaks.