2000 TXT 36V (2005 Bill's refub) Rebuild Project

Glen Batchelor

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I just finished my pool buggy project and thought I would share some pics and offer Q&A on the process.

This 2000 TXT was street rebuilt by Bills Carts in 2005. I picked it up off Craigslist for $150.
Still trying to get the VIN sticker. The VIN tag cleaned up nicely with the wire wheel.

It spent most of the time in Ocean Isle Beach apparently, based on the sand in the motor and overall salt corrosion.

The motor end housing was busted and was not reparable. Replaced with an AMD fleet speed.

The differential looked brand new when I cracked the cover off to inspect. The axles and gearing was in perfect condition. Same for the steering rack and pinion assembly. I got lucky!

The throttle box was full of water at one point. The ITS was split open and rotted, the split nuts had dissolved into rust stains and the micro switch had no terminals. Had to rebuild the entire throttle assembly.

Alltrax DCX400 controller and solenoid was functional and retained. Working on offering replacement PDS adapters for the DCX controllers. The original one has rotted terminals. The replacement adapter from Alltrax is $80 for less than $20 worth of parts.

1 of the 6 batteries was salvageable. Most of the expense ended up being the batteries. I tried desulfating them for almost a month to no avail.

The driver side leaf spring perch fell off when I cut the bolts. The OE weld was completely gone and there was hardly any meat to it from the factory. Both sides were rewelded.

Lots of sanding, grinding, welding, rewiring, sawzall blades and painting. It took me right at 2 months to cut it up, clean the rot and rebuild. The frame sections were pretty solid.

New corner and side lights all around, reverse LED drive light, LED dome light, USB charger, LED charge level, custom ball holder plate, rebuilt throttle assembly, wheels and tires, brake cables and equalizer, brake assemblies, front spindle bearings, tie rods, front roof support, motor, mounting hardware front springs, heavy duty rear springs, hangers, bushings, shocks, 5 batteries, paint, turn signal assembly, steering column cover and mirror.


Glen Batchelor

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The black plastics and windshield were brought back with several applications of Mequiars Ultimate Black Plastic Restorer. The only plastics I replaced was the column wiring cover, which came with the light kit. The steering wheel was coated with WD40 and allowed to soak for 2 days. It did not work as well as the Meguiars with only 2 coats, due to the porosity from salt exposure I suspect. I also tried torching the surface to fill the pores. It helped some but is hard to control without melting too much and you will lose any original surface texture.

The universal retracting seat belt kit fits and functions nicely. The original seat belts were non-retracting and mounted to the seat back brackets. Needles to say they were blocks of rust so had to be replaced. I recommend this kit. For less than $78 you can't beat it IMO.

This is the best deal I found on 10" Kenda Loadstar radials on new rims. 4-set brand new for $180 shipped! It was going to cost me $50 a rim just to get the original rusties blasted and coated in black powder coat. I still would have had to buy the tires and the rims were severely pitted.

I'll look up the spindle bearing source(WAY cheaper than the golf car stores online!) and a few other parts deals for the next post.

Glen Batchelor

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MOTOR, 36V, 2.25HP; 2565 RPM; EZ PDS/DCS STK(DE2-4007)
~$407 from Buggies Unlimited
With the Alltrax DCX400 it's enough torque to pop the front of the cart off the ground and scare my wife with my driving style :D


Glen Batchelor

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The dana ring and diff look great considering it was built in 2000 and salt corroded on the outside.

Debating about putting a locking kit in it for even pull when it's loaded with kids. Not sure how it'll behave on pavement.