2000.oCCDS-G bigger Main Jet


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Can anyone tell me the stock main jet size and what to upgrade to for better performance. I'm looking at a driven clutch spring and a belt, I'm told a bigger main jet will help. Can i drill it out myself, and if so what size bit? I hate to pay $15.95 for a $3 jet ...or maybe I can get it at the local sled shop if I know what size to get. Also, I hear a lot of cons on driven clutch machining, but JERRY says go with it, and he seems to be the man, but the tech at BU said no, why no consensus? I'm not going to drag race, just get away from the looming apocalypse and those returning Mayan gods a bit quicker, oh, and haul some firewood? My 22's and 6" lift slowed me up some. Thanx, Happy New Year everyone and keep an eye on the sky- Hittman2