2000 GEM Trans2 Electric problem


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Think I have a electrical problem here and hoping someone here can help. I recently got a 2000 GEM Trans2 (GEM now owns the company, but mine was not made by GEM) cart that is not working. The previous owner, purchased this in working condition but after about 2 weeks this electric problem started. She took it to a local shop, where after much run around she was told that it would cost her 3k to fix! Basically she needed 2 new batteries that are 750 a pop, and a portion of the charging system that was another 1500. She obviously did not do this and I recently got it for nothing to see if I could make it work for me.

Basically, I am looking for a couple of things if anyone can help. First off, does the story above sound legit? Would this cart need specific batteries? Why couldn't we use just standard batteries for this cart?

Also, I am going to dig into this thing...could the problem be so complex as described by the shop that it would cost that much?

Is it difficult to modify one of these so it runs on gas instead?

Anyone with some knowledge or resources they may have would be much appreciated, hoping to get this running for my family but also don't want it to be a space taker in our garage.


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Is this a 72v cart?
In the early years, GEM had a problem with battery chargers and it was pretty common to replace batteries every 2 years.
They have since been using a DeltaQ charger with pretty good results. Link: Delta Q Chargers
Some were equipped with GEL batteries but you can also use regular lead acid deep cycle golf cart batteries but they all need to be the same type.
IMO, changing these to a gas motor is a really impractical solution.


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Just found out it's a 48volt system.

Could it be as easy as changing the charger and putting all new batteries in the thing? Is that an option?


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I am new here, but am active on other NEV forums. I am very familiar with the Trans2/GEM. First, I need to know what brand the charger is. There have been four different brands so far.
If the batteries are totally dead, the charger will not engage. Check the water level in each cell.
If water is good, check the voltage at each battery. I am assuming that the Trans2 uses 12 volt batteries as the GEM does. An automotive charger can be used to bring up the voltage in each battery above the minimum where the on board charger should engage. If the charger will not come on with the voltage above 40 or so, check for a fuse inside the charger. Also, be sure that 120 VAC line power is actually reaching the charger. The is also a large DC fuse in the battery circuit.

Some quick facts:

The 12 volt group 27/31 batteries cost between $100 to $300, depending on type.

NAPA 8301 flooded wet battery - about $120
NAPA 8271 GEL dry battery - about $250

Quick Charge makes a very good quality charger, made in Oklahoma, for about $400. Their 48 volt part number is SCOLVT4810. This unit has a special "emergency" button that will allow for charging a totally dead battery.