2000 g16 troubles


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My cart runs great for the first 15 mins or so. but when it gets hot, it cuts in/out like you are on and off the gas, worse on an incline. It has a new carb that has been adjusted on, a new ignition unit, new gas and vacuum lines. all new filters. also a new fuel pump. All old fuel has been drained from tank and new added. compression test on rings were normal. I loosened the muffler thinking maybe clogging up, little difference. So, does anyone have any suggestions. thanks in advance.


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Howdy. Check the fuel pick-up line in the tank. Ethanol in gas eats the rubber line and it turns to goo.


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I have the same problem exactly with my 2000---(I think G16 cart)
I would be interested in knowing what you found wrong and what it took to correct the problem.

I am suspecting the ignition coil but hate to just start changing parts.



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When the cart quits running does it lose spark? I'd check that first and that will let you know if it's a ignition problem or something else.


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Yes it does loose spark during the intermittent time when it quits running. It only stalls or cuts out when it has been operated for a while. That is why I am suspecting the coil. I havent rulled out the 90 degree spark plug connector which had a resistor in it. Wondering if it could be breaking down when it is hot.

Refering to the electrical wiring diagram for a G16A, there are several components and their wiring connections that could cause the engine stop relay to drop out intermittently which is designed to short the ignition coil.

I have checked and rulled out the following:
a.)The ignition switch contacts, connector, red & brown wire connections. (Item #12 on the wiring diagram.)

b.)Engine stop relay coil and contacts are good and working. Connector and wiring is making good contact. (Item #1 on the wiring diagram.)

c.) Installed new spark plug .Cleaned the spark plug connector & boot. Applied silicone grease to the inside of boot.

I have not checked the following due to time constraints. I will check these next:
d.) The accelerator stop switch, wiring and connector which could have contact problems or loose connections. (Item #13 on the wiring diagram.)

e.) The red wire (hot) + connection at the battery.

f.)The engine ground connection. (Item #2 on the wiring diagram.)

If these check out OK the only things left are the coil and the spark plug connector.

I will post the results after completing the above. ---Please advise if you have any other ideas.

Thanks for the input.


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If the ignition coil on the 2000 G16A engine has to be replaced is there anyway to get the flywheel cowling off without unbolting the engine?? There appears to be no access to the bottom cowl screws with out removing the engine mounting bolts and tilting that side of the engine above the round frame tube to get a socket on them.