2000 ezgo


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my cart has a new motor and carb but it wants to backfire when you ride it a while. valves are at .04 thou set them by my manual. its bored out to what they call a 350cc and the carb is for it. could the main jet be to big its a number 92 . any help would be great thanks.


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is the throttle butterfly closing all the way? sometimes its open just enough to let gas into the cyl. and backfires, if you like, just remove the idle screw to make sure, double check the butterfly, it maybe a linkage adjustment also. hope this helps


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You could have unburned fuel igniting in the exhaust system. Have you adjusted the needle valve for the fuel air mixture on top of the carburetor?

If not, use a screwdriver to turn the needle valve on the carburetor. Turn the valve clockwise until it will no longer turn (do not over tighten). Keep track of how many rotations the screw makes, in case you have to reset the position. After the valve has been tightened all the way, turn the screw 1.5 - 2.5 turns counterclockwise. This will set the fuel to air ratio at the optimum level.

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if the ignition shuts off before the throttle butterfly in the carb closes completely will also make them backfire. the starter should engage before the throttle shaft moves, check to make sure the butterfly is completely closed.