2000 EZGO Workhorse 1200 Questions


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New to the form, I have a few questions about a 2000 EZGO Workhorse 1200, hope this is ok.
1 - Can I put a lift kit on workhorse...and which one should I use?
2 - The cart seem to steer really hard is this normal?
3 - This may sound stupid but when you are driving it seems to rev high and then shift gears (I don't think it has a 2 speed in it Lol) what would be causing this? I put a new drive belt on it....I just got this cart from an estate sell and it seems to run ok just trying to get the bugs worked out. Thanks in advance


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The clutches do shift but it should engage and start moving at lower rpm's, drive clutch just may be sticky.
Yes they can be lifted and there's only one MFG that i use and its the only 100% made in the USA Company.



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I check on the lift kit part and it says it fits 2001 and beyond not a 2000 ... maybe I'm reading it wrong?


You need to look at the lift kits on All Sports website that are pre-2001. When viewing the EZGO Workhorse 1200 lift kits on the All Sports website you can select the years on the right side of the listing.


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Another question before the lift kit, the steering is hard. I've grease everything and still hard to turn is their some I can do to help with this? When I jack up the front end with tires off the ground all seems ok and turns pretty easy.