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I hope someone will be able to answer my question. I’ve been searching relentlessly for a repair manual for a 2000 EZGO TXT. I searched online and found a place that sells a “1996 to 2000 Electric TXT DCS Golf Cart Repair Manual (OV 001848).” As I didn’t know what DCS or PDS meant, I searched further. I found this:

DCS indicates a first generation Shunt Wound Motor system use from 1995 up to 1999. I am told, DCS means Drive Controller System (however, the meaning is not important to identification). The unique thing about this system is, the car was made to shift with a lever and not a rocker switch (as we see in the newer systems). Unfortunately, this means DCS Shunt systems can easily be confused with a Series System. However, there is a unique identifying feature about this system as it did not have a speed sensor on the motor.

PDS indicates a second generation Shunt Wound Motor system used from 2000 up to 2010. It was a 36 volt system as were all the Series systems and DCS systems. I am told PDS means Precision Drive System (again, the meaning is not important to identification). This was a 1206 footprint just like the DCS controller. The two more noticeable differences with this system are 1) it shifts with a rocker switch, not a lever; 2) the controller has multiple connectors. The motor does have a speed sensor.

There is another system that is not seen much, it is the HD Series. A limited variety on the market, simply put it is a heavy-duty series controller system with higher current range.”

The plate in my cart’s glove box has the Manufacturing code: H100, telling me it is a year 2000 model. But it has a rocker switch, not a lever to switch gears which, according to the information above, means it has a PDS system. But the only manual I've found says DCS on it, so I wrote to the company selling the repair manual and asked about this and they told me they didn’t know and had no further information. I really need some help – do you know of a way I can figure out if this repair manual will work without me having to spend money to find out it won't? I’m an older lady (64) and my husband bought this cart for me shortly before he died. I have no trailer or any way to get it to a mechanic, and I do most vehicle maintenance myself (along with YouTube University).

I would be very thankful if you could help me find out if this repair manual will work, or if not help me find the correct repair manual.


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Hi, if you have a PDS cart, Which with the rocker switch it seems to be the case, you will need a PDS manual. The drive systems are completely different. I will see if I can find a link to the correct manual for you.

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I will add that the PDS and DCS have a run tow switch on the controller cover but the PDS has a diagnostic guide on a label below the run tow switch the DCS does not. The guide helps with a lot of problems but not all. I believe resources has a lot of this information.


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Thanks so much to both of you! The manuals provided by you, cartmaster, are exactly the ones I needed, and yes, big mack, I now know for sure that my cart is a PDS. Wish me luck on getting my little cart going again!