2000 EZGO TXT Build

Been real slow to update this. I finished straightening and welding up the frame. Finished up the coating on the rest of the frame and differential. Got the motor and controller mounted and wired up. Need to make a mount for the solenoid and extend the 48v harness to reach the dash. Got the long travel about 95% finished. Got new tie rod ends on the way and ones those are installed it’ll be wrapped up. Still need to get a new battery tray as the prior one I ordered sucked and needed modifications. I sent it back since they advertised “direct bolt on”. The spindles on the newer models look to be a little bigger/beefier. When I installed, it only leaves about 3.5” of gap between the upper and lower a-arms (close to the spindle). That doesn’t seem right to me but could be completely normal. Going to call JAKES in the morning to confirm. All in all, making slow progress which I’m bummed about but I work 60-70hrs a week so this leaves no time for the fun stuff. Hope to have it wrapped up before Christmas.


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Considering the amount of time and effort you’ve put into it and the quality of your soon-to-be new cart, I’d hardly call that slow progress. Looking good, man!
Wheels came in. Still need to find tires I like. Eco battery still isn’t here, not eta. Got the new 48v harness extended and got the dash bolted up. I used stainless bolts vs rivets as I wanted to be able to remove it easy and not drilling rivets each time.

Need to get hubs bolted up and pulled apart and regreased etc. or maybe regrease them before I bolt them up.